We Love WZRD!!

Hi all! This is Lauren, just bringing you guys a little update of what we’ve been working on lately. Nina and I did our interview with Amy and Jamie from WZRD: Your Wizard Rock Station yesterday afternoon, and we had a blast!! The girls were so nice and, while Nina and I tried to remain calm, we ended up just going crazy and having a whole lot of fun with the interview. It’s definitely something we’d love to do again soon!

We’ve also been working on planning out our schedule for the next few months. We’re performing Ben Folds’ “Songs of Love” at our Variety Show on Friday, so we’re pretty busy practicing for that. We’ve definitely decided that we’re going to perform this summer and write a TON of new songs, then eventually get in the studio to record. We’re aiming for the album release to be around the end of the summer.

So if you live within the NJ-NYC-Philadelphia area and know a place that would like to book one of our performances this summer, definitely send us a message! We don’t have enough songs to do a whole show just yet, but in a few months, we should be ready.

While getting our bagels this morning before school, Nina and I decided that we’re going to meet just to work on practicing and songwriting every Friday after school (unless something else super important comes up). So I’ll probably do a weekly blog once we get that started so you guys can see generally what we’re working on! And I’ll try to take some pictures with my digital camera too… so a possible photo blog should be coming soon!

Here’s a photo to start off with… I took this picture of Nina while we were waiting for the girls doing the interview to get online.

On a completely random note, I spontaneously decided that it would be a good idea to learn to play bass guitar. If any of you play it and could recommend some equipment to me that would be relatively inexpensive (in case I decide I don’t like it) and easier to start out with, I’d love for you to send us a message. Amps too, just everything I’d need to learn… I figured I’d ask around until I actually have enough money to buy the equipment, so anything you guys can help me out with would be awesome. Thanks!


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