Songwriting and Variety Shows

Hey guys! Figured I’d update all of you on what Nina and I worked on this week. Wednesday, I had lots of free periods during the school day for some reason and was feeling pretty motivated to write. So I came up with the lyrics for a new Myrtles song! By Thursday afternoon, Nina had written a chord progression and a melody for it and we put together some harmonies and practiced for a bit. It was really pretty outside so we sat out on my deck with some junk food and just relaxed, writing music and hanging out.

The new song is currently untitled, but it’s a love song for Harry. Ah, unrequited love. You’ll like it… we’ll probably record it soon. Once we finish writing it, that is.

Here’s our food and our notebook… we’re all set to go! (And yes, that is a glass of milk. I, Lauren, am an obsessive milk drinker. Laugh alllll you want.)

As you can tell, writing music can get pretty stressful. Which is why Nina is shoving the guitar pick in her eye.

So then we took a break and rolled around in the grass instead of songwriting. That was fun because it just started getting warm outside and we needed to take out some energy.

That about wraps it up for Thursday’s events! Nina also thought she looked cool walking around with my guitar case on her back, so here’s a picture of that.

Since we’re aiming to get in the studio really soon and get our CD out, we might not be able to record all of our songs on my computer for you guys to hear. But don’t worry… we’ll keep updating you guys and sending you new information when we come up with it!

Now onto Friday… Nina and I have been working really hard for a few weeks for the Variety Show at our school. It was actually our first live performance together, so that’s why I’m including it here… even though we weren’t singing a Myrtles song.

Our friend Fraylie came over before the show to hang out and my mom made us (virgin) pina coladas.

Then, we went to the show! We were really excited and so were the other acts. We sang Ben Folds’ “Songs Of Love” which was a cover of The Divine Comedy’s original version (which we still haven’t heard yet). So we did a cover of a cover! Fun stuff. Our performance went really well and everyone seemed to like it a lot! Next week, we’re doing another performance for our school, but we’re singing a Myrtles song or two so that should be fun!


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