Just an update.

Hello everyone, Nina here. I just remembered that I knew the password to this silly thing, and since Lauren is cruising to the shores of Puerto Rico and St. Maarten this week, I figured I shouldn’t deprive you of this week’s happenings. Sadly, none of the photos we took this week have been uploaded yet, so I will do my best to create pictures of our adventures using figurative language (and all of my awesome composition “skills” that collegeboard is testing me on on May 1st) in your mind’s eye. Whee, allons-y!

Lauren and I got together on Tuesday after school (at her house, of course) to rehearse a bit for Thursday’s show, a coffee house sponsored by our music and art honor societies at school. After going through our music and revamping some stuff for recording (“Prefects Are Hot” has become a piano duet!), we decided that we’d perform “Don’t Throw That Book At Me” and our newest song, “Sitting on the Toilet” on Thursday.

A little bit about “Sitting on the Toilet:” originally this song was written for guitar, and when we moved it to piano we discovered that it was pretty awesome, and I could do lots of Ben Folds-y stuff with it. It wasn’t quite ready for performance (to our standards, at least) but the crowd at the coffee house enjoyed it, and we enjoyed saying that they were hearing “THE WORLD PREMIER!!!!!!!!!!!” of one of our songs.

The show went well, overall. We were in such a hurry to leave (right before the lovely Amy and Jamie of WZRD asked us to do a little interview for their next episode) that we forgot my music, however, which caused quite a few brain farts and muttered curses during our performance. Wheeeeeee.

Lauren will have pictures and a video for you when she gets back from her cruise. Give her a couple days, and we will satiate your musical and comedic appetites. 🙂

Anyway, those of you who are on spring break this week, enjoy it, and the rest of you- keep truckin’. We love you guys!

Nina 🙂


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