We played our first show!

So, the day before yesterday, Alex from The Remus Lupins was planning to get here from Boston! He was running a little late, so I picked up Nina at work and got the grand tour of plant land. We finished two new songs, ate at Applebee’s, and waited some more. They got here late at night because of traffic but then the fun started. We invited a bunch of friends over, played some songs, and hung out.

Around one in the morning, everyone but Alex and Brandon went home and those two tried calling a cab company. Apparently, all of them were either closed or really mean to Alex, so they decided it was a better idea to walk back to Princeton. Nina and I didn’t think it was a good plan, but they wanted their adventure.

So after they signed a will giving us everything, including rights to all the Remus Lupins songs, they borrowed a flashlight and were on their way. We got a phone call at about 4am letting us know that they were in bed and alive, after they’d walked to the Montgomery police station and given up. They are crazy.

The next morning, we got up bright and early to meet with Mallory and Megan, the girls who flew here from Spokane, Washington to hang out with us. Well, not exactly. They’re touring the US to get footage for their Wizard Rockumentary and are meeting with bands all over the place! We went to the Hillsborough library and after having some lawnmower troubles, rights issues, and location changes, we filmed our interview. It should be hilarious… it involved me giving future boyfriends dating requirements, plus headbutting and skipping between bookshelves.

Then, after getting ready super fast, we went over to Orpha’s and chilled. Fraylie took some pictures of us sitting on the toilet and we ran around in the poison ivy outside. Then we flagged down Alex who was lost, again.

Mal and Meg got there after eating at Ya Ya Noodles and started setting up their cameras and mics and stuff. Alex put new strings on my piece of crap guitar and did an out-of-tune, evil version of “Remember Cedric” for sound check. That was pretty funny… he’s a crazy kid.

At 3:00, like 3 people were there and they were all friends of ours. So we waited to see if more people would come… and they did! Wizard rock fans have been crazy and awesome at every other show I’d been to, but for some reason these ones were all like, angry-looking and boring. Oh well, Nina and I had a good time playing the show with Alex. She played piano on “Remember Cedric” and I sang HCE’s part of “Maybe Tomorrow”. And he helped us out with the background noises when we did “Murdar! In da Bathroom”. “Prefects Are Hot” really rocked because I guess everyone was awake and sang along with the participation part near the end… it was awesome! And I didn’t screw up on bass too badly.

We all drove to Princeton and had dinner at PJ’s! It was really really good… I had chocolate covered banana crepes. And Alex nicknamed me “Milkface” because I’m awesome and drink milk with everything. We wrote “The Moaning Myrtles” on the table and it was fun. Then, we went for a walk and hung out in a little park for a while.

In closing, these past few days were amazing. We had so much fun and I’m really happy they came here to play a show with us! Thanks to anyone who came here to see us, (or even if you came just for Alex!) we really appreciate it! You guys are all awesome. Hopefully we’ll get to play a show again soon!


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