The Globe Cafe ROCKED!!

Hey everyone!! We finally got to play another show since it’s been really hard to book them lately. Between me being at college far away and Nina playing Peter in Peter Pan (see pictures below for the haircut!!) we’ve been very busy and don’t even get to see each other too often anymore. But this gig ended up working out and we are SO glad it did!!

Before the show, we went to the library and met a ton of really awesome people there like Matt of The Whomping Willows, the whole family that makes up The Hungarian Horntails, DJ Luna Lovegood, Cedric and the Diggorys, and The Greybacks, a bunch of guys filming a documentary, Liz and khittie of Wizrocklopedia (my senior staff buddies, yay!) and one of the guys from Order of Merlin. If I’m forgetting anyone, I’m sorry… we met SO many really great people in such a short span of time!!

We took a bunch of goofy pictures and went for a walk… Bethlehem is gorgeous! And it was such a nice day out, even if it was on the cold side. We couldn’t figure out what this sculpture was… Nina thought it was the “Star of Bethlehem” and Tina (DJ Luna Lovegood) thought it’s a three-pronged clothespin. You decide.

Then we sat on the wall looking over the hill and did a mini interview. Check out Nina’s Peter Pan haircut!! I went with her when she did it on Friday and it’s pretty exciting.

Then we went in a caravan of cars all following each other and headed over to The Glofe Cafe. It was pretty cool in there… very rock and roll. We spent most of the show enjoying the Big Blue (crazy blue soda… it was insane!) and sitting at our merch table. We shared the couch behind it with our new friend Dylan, who was quite the salesman and tried to lower the prices so people would buy his shirts. His mom kept coming over to tell him otherwise… we had a good time at this table.

We ended up performing a little early on the list because of some technical problems the other bands were having, which was cool! We realized we left our set list on the back of the mapquest directions in the car, so we tried to remember all of our songs. We only forgot “Murdar in da Batroom”… oh well, no wizard rap for the night. But the audience response was really awesome; the best we’ve had so far at a show! Everyone seemed to enjoy it even though Nina and I hadn’t really practiced in a long time and my guitar can’t hold a tune for more than 10 seconds. We even threw together a new song called “Flushed” and played that!

Also we can’t forget to mention our friends in A Lightning Bolt Scar who came a little late, but were really cool. We had a blast rocking out with them to Whompy’s crazy set with his magic guitar JoJo. I traded t-shirts with Darius, who is the coolest little rockstar ever.

And we even signed some autographs and took a bunch of pictures with fans! Everyone was really friendly and nice… we even got to see a few familiar faces from the MySpace and other concerts! Thank you all so much for coming and saying hi.


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