Christmas Gift to our Fans!

Hi Guys-

Lauren and Nina here, to kick off your holiday season with a little gift enticement. We’re working on a (downloadable!) surprise for you for the holidays, which we hope you’ll love. Look for it on our myspace on Christmas day!

Now we’re sure you’re just itching to know what we want for Christmas, and it’s something that costs no money at all- sleep in on Black Friday, because you don’t need to worry about a gift for us- it comes right from where you’re sitting at this very moment! Y’see, we’d really really like to go on tour this summer… but we can’t do that without a few more fans who would come to our shows.

So spread the word about the Moaning Myrtles. Write about us in your blogs and bulletins… put us in your profiles, and tell all your Harry Potter-crazed friends about our music! We’ll reward you with some fun stuff this holiday season… and maybe a tour in the summer… if enough people add us!

Just think- if each of you get two of your friends to add us, we’ll be 18000 strong… and then all of those far away places, like California, might be receiving a visit from their favorite bathroom haunting prefect loving wizard rock band in the near future.

Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell your hermit crab! …and look out for fun stuff in the future!

Nina and Lauren


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