2006 Rocked.

Let me begin by saying how much we love you guys. All of the great stuff we did this year happened because of your support, and we really appreciate all of the adds, comments, messages, and the people who bought our CD or came to a show. You are all amazing and we hope 2007 is just as good!

To thank you, I put together a video of all the awesome things we did this year. Some of them are a little goofy, but most of them were really cool. So we hope you enjoy it and have a Happy New Year, everyone!


6 Responses

  1. Yay! (Me saying that is your fault, you know that, right? =P) So not only can you make music, but you can act and dance. Geez. Lol, loved the video. Poor peeps. *moment of silence*

    ~ Kimberly

  2. ahhh lovin the ben folds…..come play in the uk pls!!! 😀

  3. Did you guys use Flying by Foy for Peter Pan? Because your set looks almost exactly the same as ours did and also the way that Peter came through the window was the same as ours. Yours show looked great! Love the music!

  4. Yes, Nina’s production used Flying by Foy. I’ve now seen every performance of her show! (Because the one out of the four I missed was taped and now I have the dvd, yay!)

  5. Ahh, you guys are the best thing ever. I love you forever! Your thing with the peep reminded me of me and my friends. Only we did the Santa ones. 😀 Poor Santa… now there’s really no chance Myrtle will be getting anything for Christmas.
    I hope you guys come sing in Minnesota sometime! That would rock!
    Your big fan,

  6. omg i love you guys! after watching this i admire what you 2 are doing in your lives more heh you 2 are hilarious and talented! i hope you guys have yet another great year and keep making music.

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