Recording Program, CHECK!

So yesterday, I splurged and bought stuff to make my computer into a much better recording studio. Now, Nina and I just need time to get together and record, and even write a few more songs!

That’s right, we’re heading into making a brand new CD with higher quality everything! With all of the old songs, fixed up… and some new ones we’ve never recorded before! It’s gonna be reallly exciting and we can’t wait!

We’re hoping to release it in time to sell at E7, but we also hope it’s a little sooner than that. So keep your eyes and ears open, and check back for more information!


One Response

  1. Fabulous! I very much look forward to the CD. I found you guys… like… three days ago and the rest of the Wizard Rock world and I’ve been glued to the computer to listen to it (and a few CDs in the mail, including yours woohoo!). And today I discovered Myspace Video and I must say that I haven’t found a song of yours I don’t like.

    (And if you do end up going on a large tour you should definitely stop by Colorado :P)

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