Mugglecast Mentions!

Mugglecast mentioned us in their Episodes 66 and 72 when talking about Enlightening 2007, which we’ll be playing at. Pretty awesome! Here’s a quote from the Episode 66 transcript:

Andrew: And we also have a new announcement, everyone, that we will keep bugging you about up until mid-July. MuggleCast will be at Enlightening 2007, which is a conference similar to Prophecy 2007 and Lumos 2006. We announced this earlier this week, along with the Wizard Rock band Moaning Myrtles, and I’m actually hoping to open for them. I’ve got to let them know, you know, about my new Wizard Rock band. Maybe they’ll let me open for them.

You can read the rest of the transcripts where we’re mentioned at their website. We can’t wait for E7!


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