Update from Nina!

Hey Everybody.  Nina here.  Lauren’s at Choir right now, and I am bored out of my freaking mind because I only had two hours of school today and don’t know what to do with myself without hours upon hours of homework and rehearsal.  I must be an alien creature if I cannot enjoy a pseudo day off.  Anywho…

There has been lots going on lately in the land of Myrtle.  As you all probably know, I (shockingly) managed to write a song this week.  (I also managed to whack myself in the lip with my new electric guitar.  Twice.  But this is besides the point.)  Go (here) to listen.

Lauren came home on Friday.  We enjoyed a game of Apples to Apples in front of the fireplace with her sisters and my silly boyfriend, and after he left, began a Myrtles meeting that would last the weekend over.  On Saturday we recorded some stuff and talked about more songs for the CD.  We are very very close to beginning the recording process.  It is exciting.

We also burnt 40+ copies of our Port-A-Potty EP, which we are going to be selling for cheap for the next few months in order to fund our (::crosses fingers::) summer tour!  We’ll be selling these at our respective schools and at shows, along with our hot new buttons.  Be sure to pick one up if you see us around.

OOO! And we talked about new outfits, because I am perpetually cold and even colder when in a mini skirt and tank top.  We came to the conclusion that we might invest in some winter outfits.  We aren’t sure yet, because every dollar we spend on something superficial like clothes is a dollar less of gas money meant to take us to you fine folks this summer.  Sniff.

(Honey, one of my cats, says hi!)

D’ya know what else we did this weekend? Do ya?? DO YA?!?!? We talked about how insanely excited we are for the show at The Globe Cafe next Saturday! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  The show is going to be freakin awesome.  We have a couple of new songs, the Globe rocks, the people rock, and the music most certainly rocks.  We’re really excited that we get to meet Brian from Draco and the Malfoys, hang with our buddies from A Lightning Bolt Scar, and Tina  and Ian and Darius and Holden and Dylan (who will hopefully give us cupcakes again!), and the guys from Order of Merlin, and the Marauders, and Matt from the Whomping Willows, and the ladies of the Parselmouths )who are our West Coast counterparts!!!!).  Anyway, before I ramble on for another eight hours about how awesome this show is going to be, suffice it to say that I will probably be shaking with excitement when I get there.  Allllllll over. (EEEEEE!)  You should get over to Bethlehem if you can, to see the best show of your lives.

For a preview of how awesome The Globe is:

I apologize for the rambliness of this entry.  I had fun though! Fun is important.


PS- you can now leave us voicemails because we have a SayNow account! Hooray!  For more information on that, check out the fans page.


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