We’ve Been Dead For 50 Years.

Well, Saturday night rocked. In the fullest extent of the word. When we got to The Globe Cafe (we didn’t get lost this time!), we immediately saw Kristina and Brittany of the Parselmouths and ran over to give them hugs. We were so excited to finally meet them since they were coming all the way from Seattle and we’ve known them for a while on MySpace.

We got to hang out for an hour or so before anything interesting happened, which was pretty cool! Brian from Draco and the Malfoys is such a nice guy… we were excited to meet him as well! And of course, we love whenever we get to be with Tina, Ian, The Hungarian Horntails, Matt of The Whomping Willows, Kristin from The Marauders (plus her dad and her accordion!!) and Order of Merlin.

During our soundcheck, some photographers from Life magazine took pictures! Nina kept getting hit in the face by their light meter and some people watched while we played a song to check all of the levels. We had fun with this because Whompy was the sound guy. He is the best.

So we got some Big Blue (if you’ve never had this soda, you’re missing out) and hung out for a while, waiting for the place to fill up. We convinced Brian/Draco to try some Big Blue and he liked it so much, he went over to the juice bar to get his own! I’m actually craving some right now, but until I find a place near where I live that has it, I will have to wait.

Some of the first fans we got to meet that night were Care and Ailise from Chicago! That’s right, they flew all the way to Eastern PA to see the show! They made presents for all of the bands and we signed their shirts. They were really really cool and they made us toilet paper with our song lyrics on it.

First up were The Hungarian Horntails. We always love seeing these guys perform… and they even had another singer this time! Her name’s Rayn and she’s really cool. We got to meet her later and took a picture with her. Her whole family was really fun to talk to and we’re glad she joined up with the Horntails!

The Marauders really rocked… Kristin played “Hedwig’s Theme” on her accordion! And we got to hear her play piano this time in addition to guitar. I wish I could play that many instruments! We’re looking forward to playing more shows with her now that our bands are both on the Cheap Rent label.

Next was Order of Merlin… they wore some really awesome costumes including a really impressive Hagrid one, beard and all. They rocked really hard and we had fun dancing along to their set. So much fun that Nina asked Holden from The Hungarian Horntails to dance with her and he did. That guy rocks.

After them, we got to perform! We were really excited because the audience was really loud. Also, we’d spent the weekend working on all of the new songs we were finishing for our new CD and we wanted to see how people would like them. Nina got hit in the face by the Life Magazine light meter again, and we managed to get through the set without forgetting too many words or entire songs. We even serenaded Brian, also known as Draco Malfoy, for our song “Emo Guy”. (This picture was taken by Care, one of the really cool fans who came from Chicago and gave us toilet paper!)

In short, we felt like this was the best set we’d played at a show ever. We’re excited about the new songs and we were surprised we got through them! And of course, the audience was really supportive and we had a blast. Thanks to all of you guys for being so nice to us! Even though we talked too much so our set time pretty much doubled.

The Parselmouths went after us and we couldn’t wait to see them perform! They were hilarious… so in-character and animated the whole time. And they even brought us up to the front so they could dedicate a song for us! Here’s some trivia… before they were The Parselmouths, they called themselves The Moaning Myrtles and wrote one song called “I’ve Been Dead for 50 Years”. We’re, of course, happy to share our name with them for one song. They’re two of the coolest girls ever and we’re really happy we finally got to hang out with them! One of the best parts of the whole night was their song “Kicking House Elves” where they threw balloons with house elves drawn on them into the audience and everyone kicked and threw them around. It just looked awesome and everyone got into the performance. The Parselmouths are awesome. Definitely check them out if you haven’t already.

Next? The Whomping Willows. We always love seeing Matt perform, and we were really excited to hear his new music! “Wizard Rock Heartthrob” is pretty much genius. We yelled out “We Love You!!” at the end of that song. He liked it. Oh, and The Parselmouths left during “A Heart Worth Loving” because they don’t like Hermione, so we took their spots and then we could see better for the rest of the performance. Nina added an impromptu duet line to the end of the song and made Matt laugh. He rocked… and I’m really excited to get his CD in the mail.

And last but definitely not least was Brian from Draco and the Malfoys. We sat with Kristina of the Parselmouths and there wasn’t enough room for Brittany so she made friends with a few kids and got to sit in the front instead.

Brian’s set was really good. I’ve seen him play twice before that night, but with Brad so his solo acoustic set was new to me. He rocked out, we sang along… it was pretty awesome. He even used a kazoo to play the guitar solos! I’m a big fan and I was definitely impressed by how well he was able to hold his own. There’s no way I’d be able to play a Myrtles set without Nina. He even called Brad in the middle of the set! I really really enjoyed it… and the new music was good as well. Plus, Nina and I listened to his CD on the car ride to The Globe Cafe, so we knew all the words and everything. Brian rocks.

So sadly, that was it for the show. We did manage to hang out, give out hugs, and take pictures for a while after though! Thank you to all of you who came to the show… you made it awesome and we really appreciate your support! If you want to see the rest of the pictures and full-sized ones that we used in here, check out our Photo page. If you took some and are willing to let us post them, drop us a message or a comment! We’d love to see them. You guys rock and we can’t wait to play another show!


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