LaSalle Rocked!

I know, it’s taken me long enough to do this blog entry. But here goes! Back on February 23rd, I got to sing backup for The Remus Lupins at one of the most awesome wizard rock concerts I’ve been to so far! Since I’m doing this weeks later, forgive me if I forget about things. I decided it would be fun to wear the same clothes that Alex wears when he plays The Remus Lupins shows, so I got all dressed up and left my college once classes were done for the day.

I got really lost on the way there. I ended up in Philly and then Mapquest, my dad’s GPS, and the written directions from Emily all kind of stunned me until I was driving around in the middle of nowhere. I must have gone around the block for 45 minutes before I finally pulled into the right entrance and parked. And then, just my luck, I picked the wrong building to run into. Which of course, I didn’t realize until I’d jogged up 6 flights of stairs and saw no signs of life or wizard rock. On my way back down, I called Mama Horntail for help. “Are you running?” she says. I was out of breath, clearly. So after walking around the campus in circles, I spotted a sign for the show on a door and went inside. And luckily there were people inside there to direct me up to the room where the concert was, or else I would’ve been roaming around lost in there too.

When I finally got there, I was so relieved that I wouldn’t have to be running around or driving in circles any longer. So I gave out lots of hugs and pounced on people and was basically on some kind of wizard rock high that had me literally bouncing all over the place the entire night. I got to meet Grace from Snidget, who was one of the first crazy Moaning Myrtles fans. She is really, really cool and she plays the hammered dulcimer. You’ll see how awesome that instrument is in my video later (yes, I finally finished the video). There were also a ton of really cool fans I got to talk to like Melanie, who was decked out in enough Hufflepuff gear for both of us, since I was dressed up like Alex Carpenter and couldn’t wear mine to the show. Camie, who I got to rock out with later during the concert, brought her amazing Marauder’s Map that all the people at the show were drooling over. She did a really great job on it!

And I got to be reunited with Tina/DJ Luna Lovegood/Mama Horntail, plus a bunch of Potterdelphia people who I hadn’t seen since our last Myrtles show! They all rock. I got to meet Sam, who I’d seen in pictures hanging out with Alex at his shows but I’d never met her before! She was fun to talk to, and she got a picture with a bunch of us! (Picture Credit: Sam!).

First up was A Lightning Bolt Scar. I love these guys. Nathan was rocking the upright bass, which was really awesome. They had a new song about how the last horcrux is a piece of cheddar. And then they ran around in the audience getting people to yell out different types of cheese. Hilarious! Every time I hang out with those guys at shows, it’s a whole lot of fun.

Then Snidget performed, and Grace got to rock out on her hammered dulcimer. Coolest instrument ever. She’s completely in another category when it comes to wizard rock and I love that it makes her stand out. Her voice is beautiful and I really hope I get to see her again soon!

The Marauders are always awesome. This was the first time I got to see them with their Remus! They rocked as usual and Kristin had a bike horn she kept squeaking during applause for the other acts. We’ve been really lucky to play so many shows with these guys… they’re really fun and I like them more and more every time I see them play!

Matt from The Whomping Willows has always been one of my favorites. I really admire how he managed to pull so many great songs out of a character that, well, whomps. And that’s about it. His new songs are freaking awesome, and he balances them really well with songs everyone knows so we all get to sing along. I can’t wait to get his new CD in the mail. And this was the first time I got to see him and Alex do their duet, “When You Touched Me in that Special Place” and it was every bit as hilarious as the YouTube videos I’ve seen. Plus he seemed to be pretty amused that I was so excited, I was just running around and bouncing and hugging everyone, which is always fun.

So Alex from The Remus Lupins rocked. Halfway through the set, he announced that he wanted a friend of his from school to sing with him. Then he explained how he made me take polyjuice potion so I could transform into “Cuter Remus” and sing backup. (Picture credit: Andrea!)

This set was a blast, even though I ended up singing backup for new songs I’d only heard once or twice, and Alex thought I could interpret his eye contact language. He let me sing a chorus of “Looking For Trouble” but by the time I realized he wanted me to, it was pretty much over. I had so much fun rocking out with him… Alex is the coolest and I’m happy he likes me enough to let me take over his set every once in a while.

Draco and the Malfoys went last and Brian was great, as always. That marked the fourth time I’ve seen him play and he rocked! I’m such a fan of Draco and the Malfoys. I listen to their CD on my 3 hour drive to and from college all the time. I was so happy to get to play two shows with him over two weeks… Brian’s just awesome. And during the last song of the set, “My Dad Is Rich”, Alex and Matt ran up to mess with Brian. It was pretty hilarious and he managed to stay focused.

So that was the show! I stayed around after because I didn’t want to say goodbye to everyone just yet. Aidan and Suzanne, two of my friends from school, ended up coming to see the show and they loved it. I’m happy that some of my friends like wizard rock!

We made a few more goofy videos and people laughed at me for being hyperactive at 1:30am but that’s okay. And then I drove home. Pretty much the whole week after that, I don’t think I talked about anything other than that show… it was such a blast and I’m so happy I got to be a part of it, even last minute.

(Credit: Grace!)

More photos from the LaSalle show are here.


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