Last Chance to Buy Port-A-Potty!

So this morning, Nina and I had yet another discussion about our upcoming CD release. That’s right… The Moaning Myrtles are working on a full-length, better quality CD! We’re set to begin recording as soon as my college semester is over in May and we already have plans to release the CD in time for Enlightening 2007, which starts July 12th. If we can get it finished before then, we will release it early but I’m really hoping it won’t be finished later than that.

Because of this, we’ve decided to stop selling Port-A-Potty EP through Cafepress. Don’t worry; if you ordered one recently, you’ll still get it. We just took the links off of our profile and website. We will be selling a bunch of copies that we made and decorated ourselves at our upcoming shows until they sell out. If you’re still interested in buying a copy of Port-A-Potty before our new CD comes out and you aren’t planning on coming to a live show, go to our MySpace profile and look for the ‘Buy Now’ button near the top of the About The Moaning Myrtles section! Port-A-Potty EP is just $7.

And now… about the new CD. Right now, we’re planning on calling the CD “Toilet Humor”. It will include rerecorded and remastered versions of the four songs on Port-A-Potty (which are on our MySpace profile), plus many more new songs (and DRUMS!!). Right now, we think there will be between 11 and 14 tracks on the CD. If you come to see us perform, you’ll get to hear the new songs we’re putting on the CD! To see our tour dates (we’ve added a bunch of them recently) click here!

I think that’s all for now. But I can’t wait to finish school for the semester so I can party at Phoenix Rising and start recording this CD. You guys rock!



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