New Lyrics Added!

Hey guys! I’m itching to start recording this new CD, but since I’m at college, I wanted to get you guys something sort of new anyway. I added the lyrics to one of our new songs, “Let Myrtle Save the Day”, to our website! This song was released in a rough demo form that Nina recorded by herself to show me what it sounds like since I’m 3 hours away from home. You may have already heard it since I posted bulletins like crazy when I put it online, but if not, check out the lyrics page and there’s a link to where you can hear the demo!

I’m going to try and keep finding things I can release to you guys in the meantime, so keep an eye out! And thanks, everyone who bought our Port-A-Potty EP yesterday. If you missed it, we have a brand new PayPal button at the top of the “About The Moaning Myrtles” section on our MySpace profile. It’s just $7 and I’ll be mailing out the first shipment myself early next week!

Click here to read the lyrics! (A link to hear the song is on there as well).


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