Unreleased Song on Cheap Rent Compilation!

Our unreleased song, “Hermione” is on a brand new, HUGE compilation for Cheap Rent. You won’t be able to get this version of the song anywhere else. The compilation is now available for preorder, so here’s the press release with all the information you’ll need!

Wizards and Muggles Rock For Social Justice
Now Available For Pre-Order!

Cheap Rent Records is proud to present Wizards and Muggles Rock For Social Justice, a massive compilation featuring previously unreleased songs from 22 awesome wizard and non-wizard rock bands! The CD also features art work from Dave Roman, otherwise known as the guy who did the art for Harry and the Potters’ Magical Christmas of Magic compilation! And best of all, 50% of the proceeds from this compilation will be donated to the Harry Potter Alliance, a charitable organization dedicated to forming an international network of activists and assisting them in their efforts to tackle a variety of social, environmental and political issues!

The compilation is available for pre-orders now! Simply go to the Cheap Rent myspace page (myspace.com/cheaprent) and look for the appropriate Paypal buttons in the About Cheap Rent bio section. The CD costs just $12 – less than 55 cents per song! And the songs are amazing! Just look at this track listing:

Order of Merlin – A Tear For Aragog
The Set of Red Things – Between Tangled Wire and Sandbags
The Hermione Crookshanks Experience – The Wizards of Egalitarianism
Justin Finch-Fletchley – Honeydukes
Harry and the Potters – Bacon
The Marauders – Wormtail Soup
The Moaning Myrtles – Hermione
The Whomping Willows – What Up, Hogwarts?
No Spare Parts – Speed of Sound
The Volunteer Arms – The Hood and the Hammer
The Remus Lupins – A Werewolf, A Willow
The Jena Campaign – This Book Is So Awesome
Draco and the Malfoys – Goyle’s Pants
DJ Luna Lovegood – Longbottom
The Hinky Punks – Wizard Rock Zero
Remus and the Lupins – If I Were A Vampire
Kyle Benson and the Students of Apples – Sleeping, Dreaming, and Taking Advantage of Assets
Lemony and the Snickets – The Snicket File
Japonica – Cut the Cord Pt. 1
CoffeeMilk Children – A Rabbit and a Carrot
The Parselmouths – Where Is Draco?
Harry Potter Alliance – The Harry Potter Alliance Rap

If you’ve been wondering if it’s possible to rock out and be charitable at the same time, this compilation is your answer. And the answer is…. YES!

-Matt, Cheap Rent


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