Star Ledger Article!

So this morning, Nina was greeted with a gigantic picture of our faces in the Star Ledger (a really big NJ newspaper)! And then she emailed it to me. I know it’s not a nice scan or anything, but I’m in Pennsylvania so that’s my excuse. But it’s still cool. Check it out.

It’s an article all about wizard rock, with a focus on some of NJ’s wizard rock bands (mainly us and The Marauders!). You can read the article for yourself here. How awesome is that?

We’re also on the front page of!! They have a video of our performance at Ostara* with some interview footage.

Edit: We’ve been moved off the front page so if you found this website and you want to see the awesome video they have of us, click here to see it embedded on our website! (It’s also a few posts down on the homepage if you want to scroll).


3 Responses

  1. WOW. that is the coolest thing EVER. this kind of stuff makes me so happy. congrats!

  2. Whoa, that is awesome news! You’re becoming famous 😀

  3. The Star Ledger looked just fabulous. Congrats, this is great stuff!

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