Release Party Announced!

So we had a meeting today and we are announcing our awesome plans for the Deathly Hallows release! We are playing two sets at the Bridgewater, NJ Barnes and Noble on the night of July 20th!! Here’s the address:

319 Route 202/206, Bridgewater, NJ 08807

In case you missed this, we are playing TWO sets at the midnight magic party!! One at 8pm and one at 10pm. There might be a surprise one just before midnight, haha but we have to work on that. You don’t need a book reservation to get in, but you do need one if you want to pick up the book at midnight there (or you’ll have to wait until everyone else has theirs).

Pleeeease come and wrock out with us! We’re anticipating playing for a ton of people who have no idea what wizard rock is and we need to show them how awesome it is. This store is also located on the Somerville Circle, and if you’re not familiar with this particular driving nightmare, I’m sorry but you’ll probably end up going around it a few times before you find the B&N.

We’ll also be waiting there until the book is released, so if you come and wait until midnight, you can hang out with us! Yayy!!

Also, a bit of an album recording update… we finished five whole piano tracks this week! Hopefully, everything will continue to run smoothly and we can get it done on time. Since JKR recently updated her website to say that Myrtle is a Ravenclaw, I’m stocking up on Ravenclaw gear at Phoenix Rising for our album photoshoot. We can’t wait until we finish so you guys can see what we’ve been working on!



One Response

  1. Wanted to post and wish you the very BEST!!

    My BF, me, and our girls are all going to a local B&N for the release party. Alas we will be in a different part of the state than you.


    Mama Kelly

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