I love you guys.

This lovely morning, I woke up early to catch a few of the MTV timeslots we’re on. I watched it several times online yesterday, but it just doesn’t compare with the real one on television. I’m so proud of you guys! Before I should be heading over to my Dad’s house to get the next timeslot on DVD, I was answering some of our messages and I got a lovely little one from some deprived person who must not have a ‘shift’ key. So sad!

i have just a few words for you……you are both extremely pretty why would you throw your life away with this it is going absolutely no where…get a life. be normal what looks like teenagers and stop singing stupid ass songs….and ur not the only wizardrock band i sent this to so dont feel like im picking on you…..its just the truth.

I normally don’t post anything like this, but I was so happy after composing a response that I knew I had to share it with you guys. Thank you all, whether you’re in a band and you’ve become one of my best friends or you’re a new fan who added us this morning (and everyone in the middle, of course).

Thanks for the warning! This thing is actually the most fun project I’ve ever been involved with and I’m sure the almost 10,000 fans we have are enjoying it as well. I’ve made an insane amount of amazing friends all over the world and I just got back (Yes, PR kids… I have not recovered. Just got back clearly means weeks ago) from partying for 5 days with all of them in New Orleans.

I was actually pretty much a loner before this. I spent most of my freshman year of college in my dorm room, alone, watching TV and going online. If this is the “normal life” you’re telling me is so great, I’d much rather sing “stupid ass songs”.

I’m not throwing my life away either… this is just something I do for fun when I’m not in college or at work. I have a normal life that just happens to include wizard rock sometimes and I’m not worried about it going “absolutely nowhere”… it’s just a fun thing I do right now, and until the craze dies down, I’m going to continue to have the time of my life.

We were all on MTV this morning… did you see?


P.S. Good luck with all the responses you’ll probably get… with that “ur”, I’m sure that absolutely nobody will actually take you seriously. Thanks for your time though, and I appreciate that you’re attempting to save me from the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

In short, I love you guys. Even the kid who wrote me that message because I’m left with such a warm, fuzzy feeling right now that I can’t seem to put into words. The best part is that, even if wizard rock goes away in a few years, I know the friends I’ve made through this will always be there. So thank you for bringing me out of my shell, thank you for motivating me to learn three new instruments, thank you for showing me what an actual party is like, and thank you for listening.


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2 Responses

  1. Ew! That is mean of that person. Yea, I am like that now. In my room ALL the time!
    I think it is great that you are so dedicated to WR. And you guys are really good too!

  2. “Throwing your life away”?

    It’s music – no matter if it has to do with wizards or not. Did millions of children throw their lives away when they bought a guitar? No.

    Sheesh, the idiocy of some people…

    Anyway, keep up the good work, your music is great!

    – Dale Luck

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