New Song, New CD… Yay!!

Well, this hasn’t happened in a long time. We just posted one of our new songs, “The Boy Who Lived” on our MySpace profile! It was written by our friend Mike “Hagrid” Stein and some of you may recognize it from our Port-A-Potty EP, except we completely redid it and we’re singing it now instead of Mike. It’s the first of many new recordings that we’re working on for our new CD, Toilet Humor!

Speaking of which, Toilet Humor is really close to being finished. Not because it’s physically almost done, but because if we don’t crack down and finish it by the end of next week, we are in big trouble. But it will get done and it will be awesome! The amazing, wonderful, and talented Dani from The Potter Journal is doing the album artwork for us and here is the finished cover! Thanks, all of you guys who submitted graffiti ideas! We had a lot of fun picking our favorites.

A bunch of the songs are redone from our old CD and there are a handful of new ones as well! We really think you’ll like the new versions of our old songs… we’re adding a few twists and there may even be some guest appearances (if those guests would send me their tracks soon… hint). Here’s the tracklist, in case you were interested.

1. And Then I Died
2. Don’t Throw That Book At Me
3. Flushed
4. Sitting on the Toilet
5. He Didn’t Do It
6. Hermione
7. Prefects Are Hot
8. Emo Guy
9. Let Myrtle Save The Day
10. Holiday Revenge (used to be Christmas Poo… nicer name, same old jokes)
11. The Boy Who Lived

We will be posting more of these as we finish them and soon our old tracks will be replaced! Yay! So keep an eye out for our bulletins or check back or something.

Oh yeah, and the CD is now available for preorder! We realized that with all of our summer shows, we don’t want to run out of copies and not be able to sell them online. So if you know you want one, head over to our MySpace profile and you’ll find the PayPal buttons! Toilet Humor is $13 if you live in the US and $15 if you live in Canada or anywhere else outside the US.

And I think I made it so you can attach a note with additional instructions so if you want an autographed love letter or something with your CD, let us know when you order and tell us who you want it written to. If the notes on PayPal don’t work, just MySpace message us the same stuff and we’ll hook it up with your order.

As soon as we get the CD’s in the mail (and it should be a few weeks) we will ship yours out! If you order closer to the week of crazy in July, we might end up having to wait until August to ship those. So you should preorder. Yes. Thanks for listening and we hope you like the new material that will keep popping up! We’re sorry it took us so long.


4 Responses

  1. Yay! Your songs rock!

    The song “Sitting on the Toilet” made me laugh out loud for a couple of minutes – I totally love you guys!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. “There was a better line here, but it wasn’t family friendly.”

    hahha. I love that.

    and I know I’ve said it before, but I am SO excited for this CD.
    but I don’t know whether to pre-order or pick it up when I come to philly august 10th. would I get the CD before then if I order now?

    – tess

  3. I am shocked at myself for actually loving “wizard rock.” I’ve been rereading my Harry Potter books waiting for July 21 to get here, and discovering you guys and some of the other bands has been great. It’s really going to help along the next couple of weeks, I’m sure.

  4. fun new layout! I love it!

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