LOTS of Updates!

As soon as I finished our CD, I updated a whole lot of stuff on our website! First, you’ll probably notice that we have a new layout. Yay! I had to move a few things around. The old Film page can now be found at the bottom of the About page. I added information about our new CD, Toilet Humor, to the Music page. I’m planning on uploading some new music to that page soon as well! Just a reminder, you can buy a copy of our new CD on our MySpace profile as well!

Since our Photos page was getting a little long, I created new pages for each album and linked them to that page. I also added two new albums… one from Phoenix Rising and the other from our concert at Voices and Visions.

The new Site page is where you can find the archives for all of the different posts that fall off the homepage. We have archives for blogs, news, videos, updates, and interviews. Yay! I also added a few new submissions to the Fans page. The Lyrics page now contains the updated lyrics from our new CD, as well as lyrics to the newer songs.

Man, I’ve been busy. I’m pretty sure that’s all for now, but I probably forgot something. Just check out the website and you’ll find new things! Yay!


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