Two Days, Two Podcasts!

Hi everyone! We just got back from Enlightening 2007 and we had an absolute blast. It was really awesome getting to meet so many people! This was a family convention as well so there were really awesome kids running around everywhere.

We also got to meet the boys from Mugglecast and we appeared on their live podcast for a little bit! The Premiere Night concert was pretty insane… it was in an auditorium that pretty much showed up the biggest venue Nina and I have ever performed in (and that was Avery Fisher Hall in Lincoln Center back when we were in high school choir together). The fans were great and we officially started selling our new CD, ‘Toilet Humor’.

So we wanted to thank all of you guys who came out to see us and made the past few days really freaking awesome. You rock!! And we can’t forget to mention The Hungarian Horntails, DJ Luna Lovegood, and The Cedric Diggorys for coming to play as well. You guys are awesome!!

Also, there was a live Pottercast in Bridgewater, NJ last night and we went! It was kind of a surprise since we didn’t really know what we were going to do until right before it started. We ended up playing four songs and it was SO much fun!! We love Melissa, Sue, and John. And Bre is kind of amazing… I may have tackled her when she came in. So keep an eye out for both of those podcast episodes!

Here’s a reminder that we’re playing a show today in Princeton, NJ at the Borders at 601 Nassau Park at 2pm! It was more recently planned so we hope some of you guys can come out to see it!


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  1. Bah! I can’t believe I missed the live Pottercast in Bridgewater. I had no idea! Well… at least I can make up for it by coming to your show today 😀 Yay Princeton!

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