CD’s back in stock and PORTUS!

Hey guys! Just writing to let you know that our CD, Toilet Humor, is back in stock! So if you’ve ordered it recently, you should get it soon. And if you’ve been holding off buying one and you order it soon, you’ll get it faster than our other ones have been going out because I’m not on tour, vacation, or sold out. Yay! The PayPal links are on our MySpace profile.

Also, we have HUGE news! We’ll be playing at Portus 2008, the Harry Potter conference in Dallas, Texas next summer! We’re playing a big show with The Mudbloods (one of my new favorite wrock bands!!!) on July 10th and we’ll have common room performances for the rest of the conference. Catchlove and The Owl Post will be there as well, and maybe even some others! It’s going to be an absolute blast so check out their website to register.


4 Responses

  1. Hey! Do your cd’s ship overseas? I’d love one but I live in Denmark 😦 Also, do you even ship them? Says on your music page that you don’t?

  2. Yes, anyone can buy our CD. They’re $13 for US people and $15 if you don’t live in the US since overseas shipping is extra. Our music page says that ‘Toilet Humor’ is for sale online and that ‘Port-A-Potty’ is not because that one sold out a while ago and we have no more copies.

  3. Hi. I really would like to have your CD, but there’s a tiny problem. I can’t use paypal because I don’t have any of those cards (VISA, MasterCard, etc). I ask my father to pay it for me, but he refused using paypal of some reason (I think he doesn’t trust them). Is there an other way I can buy the CD, because I would love to have it! And my friends would sigh because they think I’m too nerdy when listen on Wizard Rock. 😉
    I live in Sweden by the way, so I will probably not walk in to either of you somewhere.

  4. Unfortunately, I don’t know how else we could get a CD to you without PayPal. Taking checks or cash in the mail is probably a bad plan because I’m really slow with normal internet orders as it is. We also sell our CDs at shows but you’re really far away so that won’t work. Maybe you can find a friend who trusts PayPal to order it for you and then pay them back? I’m sorry. 😦

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