If you want to hear some of our music, visit our bandcamp page where you can buy all of our albums.

Here’s some information on our music releases!

Toilet Humor

(July 2007) Our first full length CD is finally finished! A bunch of the songs are redone from our old CD and there are a handful of new ones as well! We really think you’ll like the new versions of our old songs… we’re adding a few twists and there are even some guest appearances!

1. And Then I Died
2. Don’t Throw That Book At Me
3. Flushed
4. Sitting on the Toilet
5. He Didn’t Do It
6. Hermione
7. Prefects Are Hot
8. Emo Guy
9. Let Myrtle Save The Day
10. Holiday Revenge
11. The Boy Who Lived

The CD is available on our bandcamp page.

It’s also available on ITUNES!!


Port-A-Potty EP

(May 2006) This is our first CD release! The EP is a compilation of our four most popular songs along with some guest appearances and other fun things. Joining us on our first release is Mike “Hagrid” Stein, a good friend of ours who we forced into reading the Harry Potter books. He has a really awesome song on here called “The Boy Who Lived”. You’ll also find some surprises (like a 20 minute-long improvisation medley) that we think you’ll really enjoy.

Port-A-Potty is not a squeaky clean studio recording… we made it fun to hold our fans over while we finish the real, full length, higher quality CD. The profits from this purchase will go towards helping us tour! So if you’d like to see us live in someplace other than NJ… consider picking one up! You won’t be disappointed.

We are sold out of Port-A-Potty EP (limited edition). We burned them ourselves, but they all feature sharpie doodles and autographs done by us so every one is different.

1. And Then I Died
2. Sitting on the Toilet
3. Don’t Throw That Book At Me
4. Prefects Are Hot
5. Christmas Poo
6. The Boy Who Lived by Mike “Hagrid” Stein

As well as some bonus tracks. But we’re no longer selling this CD.

Want the lyrics to our songs? Check out our lyrics page for the ones we’ve finished! Some of these haven’t been recorded yet, but you can hear them in our videos or if you come to see one of our live shows!!

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