Want to see us perform live? One of the coolest things about being a Harry Potter fan is getting to meet other fans who are just as crazy. Our concerts are normally filled with Harry Potter-crazed fans who dress up in Hogwarts uniform or just come to have a good time. Sometimes we even play with other Wizard Rock bands! So if you’d like to come out and support us, we would definitely appreciate it and you’ll have a really good time!



We are not regularly playing shows together anymore. Lauren is actively writing and performing wizard rock music solo, though! Click here to go to her website and see where she’ll be performing next.


Booking Information

Currently, we live 11 hours away from each other (or more when Nina is abroad) so it takes quite a lot to get us together for a show. In December 2017, we got together for a weekend of reunion shows with Harry and the Potters, and it was a total blast. We would love to do this again sometime, but it relies on both of our schedules aligning in a way that they typically do not.

If you’d like to see if we can perform at your event, reach out to Lauren at laurenmakesthings [at] gmail [dot] com and I’ll let you know if it’s possible. However, Lauren is still performing at wizard rock shows regularly and it’s much more likely that she could play at your show without Nina. Click here to hear her solo music as a preview!

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